March 27, 2007

Switch This!

This is the movie I entered in the "Azeroth Exposed" machinima contest over at YouTube. Vote for me!! :p

March 25, 2007

Episode 7: Delayed

A death in the family (the family emergency) has me going out of town for this week. So, expect episode 7 around April 1st.

March 18, 2007

Warcrack Episode 6

1. Imba Ability of the Week - Blast Wave
2. Analyzing Outlands - Netherstorm (Purplestorm)
3. General WoW News
A. Nihilum Hates Females?
B. Armor Sets Page Updated
C. Hellfire Citadel Gameplay Trailer

4. Group Discussion: Matt, Paul, and Spencer
A. Future WoW Expansions (Recycled)
5. Warcraft 101 - Warcraft: The Whole Thing Through
6. Extras
A. Contest: Rupture Beta Key (Song Parodies)
B. Digg It!!
C. Warcrack E-Mail: - What is your favorite WoW class and why?

P.S. - Sorry if my heart didn't seem much in the show today, but that family emergency has really gotten to me. Everything should be back to normal in April.

March 16, 2007

Keep It A-Diggin'!!

We have gained 6 Diggs this week after losing 5 last week. Keep up the good work!! Digg is a great promotional tool and it only takes you a few minutes out of your life to help! Thanks guys!!

March 11, 2007

Episode 6: Delayed

A very unfortunate family emergency has come up. With this being the case, I will not be able to do a show this week. I'll be back next week with episode 6.

March 4, 2007

Warcrack Episode 5

Episode 5 is probably one of the best so far, if not the best. Even if I do say so myself. :p

1. Imba Ability of the Week - Summon: Felguard
2. Analyzing Outlands - Blades Edge Mountains (B.E.M.)
3. General WoW News
A. YouTube Machinima Contest - Azeroth Exposed
B. World of Warcraft Armory
4. Group Discussion: Matt and Kami
A. World of Warcraft Armory
5. Warcraft 101 - The Beginning: Part 4
6. Extras
A. CoMutiny - Kami's Podcast
B. Digg It!!
C. Warcrack E-Mail: - What is your favorite battleground and why?