May 6, 2007

Warcrack Episode 8

1. Our Weeks
A. Matt met WoW players at the airport!!
B. Matt tries to help a 14 year old in his guild who is supposedly being abused.
C. Paul gains 2 levels in a year!!

2. The Unnamed Machinima Segment
A. Myndflame (Learn 2 Play)
3. General WoW News
A. BlizzCon 2007 is announced!!
B. Guild Housing
C. Machinima Contest
D. Renaissance festival events!! /Sarcasm Off

4. Group Discussion: Matt, Paul, and Spencer
A. BlizzCon
5. PvP
A. PC Vs. Mac
6. Extras
A. Rupture Beta Key: E-Mail US!!
B. Digg It!! OH MY GOD PLEASE!! :p
C. Warcrack E-Mail: - What is your favorite WoW class and why?

May 3, 2007

Long Time, No See

Where have I been?

That's a GOOD question!! I'm not gunna go into to much detail, but I'll quickly explain.

Okay, so in early April, my grandfather's cancer had gotten really bad. The doctor gave him a month until he'd go. I stayed up north with him and my family for about two weeks and then we flew back home. Two days later, my family got the call that my grandfather, to whom I am really close to, had passed. My family then flew back up the next day for his funeral.

Now, just over a month later I am back. Warcrack episode 8 will be out this weekend and I can guarantee that it'll be the best episode yet - by far!!