March 18, 2007

Warcrack Episode 6

1. Imba Ability of the Week - Blast Wave
2. Analyzing Outlands - Netherstorm (Purplestorm)
3. General WoW News
A. Nihilum Hates Females?
B. Armor Sets Page Updated
C. Hellfire Citadel Gameplay Trailer

4. Group Discussion: Matt, Paul, and Spencer
A. Future WoW Expansions (Recycled)
5. Warcraft 101 - Warcraft: The Whole Thing Through
6. Extras
A. Contest: Rupture Beta Key (Song Parodies)
B. Digg It!!
C. Warcrack E-Mail: - What is your favorite WoW class and why?

P.S. - Sorry if my heart didn't seem much in the show today, but that family emergency has really gotten to me. Everything should be back to normal in April.

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