May 6, 2007

Warcrack Episode 8

1. Our Weeks
A. Matt met WoW players at the airport!!
B. Matt tries to help a 14 year old in his guild who is supposedly being abused.
C. Paul gains 2 levels in a year!!

2. The Unnamed Machinima Segment
A. Myndflame (Learn 2 Play)
3. General WoW News
A. BlizzCon 2007 is announced!!
B. Guild Housing
C. Machinima Contest
D. Renaissance festival events!! /Sarcasm Off

4. Group Discussion: Matt, Paul, and Spencer
A. BlizzCon
5. PvP
A. PC Vs. Mac
6. Extras
A. Rupture Beta Key: E-Mail US!!
B. Digg It!! OH MY GOD PLEASE!! :p
C. Warcrack E-Mail: - What is your favorite WoW class and why?

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